Hook On

Hook On
Hook On Hook On Hook On Hook On Hook On

HOOK-ON type ceilings go beyond the ordinary and standard dimensions and offer you unlimited design options thanks to flexible production sizes. Hook-on system is formed by installation of plates that are vertically locked to main L carriage, and are leaning out downward towards hidden Z carriage.

HOOK-ON system offers a plain and continuous (jointless) appearance thanks to hidden type Z carriage and joining method of panels.

Its special design makes it easy to install and uninstall. Different dimensions can be used together.



* Aluminium 
* Galvanized


Size (mm)

* 300 x Special Size

* 600 x Special Size

* Special Size x Special Size


Standard Perforation (mm)

* Unperforated 
* Ø1.5 mm Cross, 22% Perforation rate 
* Ø1.5 mm Soldier, 11% Perforation rate 
* Ø1.8 mm Cross, 21% Perforation rate 
* Ø1.8 mm Soldier, 10% Perforation rate 
* Ø2.5 mm Cross, 8% Perforation rate 
* Ø2.5 mm Soldier, 16% Perforation rate


Special Perforation (mm)

* Ø8, Any perforation rate 
* 8x8 square, Any perforation rate



* Hook On System


Standard Colours

RAL 9016 
* RAL 9010 
* RAL 9006 
All other RAL colours are also available as special colours. 
Note: “Anti-Bacterial Paint” choice is available.



* NRC: 0.60 – 0.70


Usage Areas

* Offices and Hospital 
* Production plants 
* Airports 
* Shoping centres 
* Metro stations 
* Kitchens