The Glastik company was established in 2007 and focuses its operations on demanding clients who want individual and original spatial design solutions.When preparing style solutions, Glastik specialists take into account the high demands of 21st-century individuals when it comes to functionalism, aesthetics, and the use of individual rooms.

The most ancient building material – one that has demonstrated its excellent aesthetic and technical properties for century upon century – is wood. It is excellent for the decorative finishing of rooms, creating a nice atmosphere and an ecological microclimate.

Glastik operations are based on tested values which are expressed as specialisation in the manufacturing of finishing elements for interiors, with a wide range of veneer finishing, including:

  • Interior doors;
  • Suspended ceiling panels, including acoustic ones;
  • Wall finishing panels, including acoustic ones.

We offer many different designs to make any project and style solution unique. Your rooms will be special and one of a kind.

Glastik professionals have years of experience, and they guarantee that they will understand and pursue your ideas by developing constructive solutions and implementing projects with visual attractiveness that is based on the highest level of quality. We use only state-of-the-art technologies in our manufacturing processes, ensuring the full cycle of project implementation and being flexible in reaction to ideas from designers and architects.

We are delighted to invite our existing and potential clients to enjoy the advantages of our full services. We cover all stages of the project, from design to installation.

Just tell us about your ideas. We love the work that we do.

Our mission: To make your life comfortable and aesthetic!

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